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I have the pendulum and it is fun to put together you need a lot of patience though but well worth my time I will get something else to put together w.. ...»
Очень понравился конструктор от WOODEN.CITY. Все как на картинке что радует . Заказывали шефу на подарок и не прогадали. ( так что рекомендую) Тепер.. ...»
Отличная модель, удобно собирается по инструкции, едет почти 5 м по гладкому полу! приятные на ощупь материалы, собирать одно удовольствие, хоть и цел.. ...»
So cool. The engineering is amazing. I got the kinetic picture and am very pleased with it. Fun to put together and even more fun wind it up and watch.. ...»


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4×4 3D puzzle of a famous American off-road vehicle. This model, once assembled is a complicated mechanism with fine details. It’s the precursor of today’s SUV, a vehicle with a masculine character! ..
95.00 €
Ex Tax: 95.00 €
Sport cars conquered the hearts of auto lovers since the last century. I bet you’ll say ‘’WOW’’ when you see that wooden miniature model in move. The buggy has got an independent suspension, inertial mechanism and returnable wheels. Special rubberized wheels and amazing wings look natural like a fla..
24.90 €
Ex Tax: 24.90 €
The prototype for this challenging 3D puzzle is the legendary London doubledecker bus, the AEC Routemaster. This red bus became the symbol of the City of London and its business card in all the city’s guidebooks published around the world! ..
49.00 €
Ex Tax: 49.00 €
Just cross that finish line and you’ll be a real racer. This model is created for extremely confident persons. Roadster has a double seat for a handsome racer and his pretty girlfriend. Inertial mechanism, returnable wheels, front swivel wheels, rubberized wheels and perfect design… All included! ..
24.90 €
Ex Tax: 24.90 €
Model TRACTOR wooden mechanical model will even drive over stones! Stand-alone glueless assembly – 3D puzzle. People with stubborn, strong-willed characters are often compared to tractors..
34.00 €
Ex Tax: 34.00 €
Finish! And the winner is… Bolid! One of the stars of racing cars with front swivel wheels, inertial mechanism and returnable wheel. Rubberized wheels and seat for a one real racer is a great components of this model. Sport cars are your passion? So, that model will be a great addition to your colle..
24.90 €
Ex Tax: 24.90 €
The thrill of speed, roar of engines, wheel to wheel battles and shiny frames flashing before the eyes of wildly excited audience of the early car races – it’s all there, in UGEARS’ fascinating U-9 Grand Prix Car based on iconic designs of the Golden Age of the automobile industry at the beginning o..
45.50 €
Ex Tax: 45.50 €